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Homes for Cash Success Story

Homes for Cash Success Story

How a ‘We Buy Homes’ Company Helped a St. Louis Man in Need

When Bob inherited his mom’s run-down home, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Sure, it held some memories, but the house was badly in need of repairs that he wasn’t in a position to pay for. In fact, his financial situation made it impossible to even keep the property, at all.

So, Bob turned to a local St. Louis we buy houses company and brokerage firm for help.

He wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but they quickly offered him a number of reasonable options to fit his unique situation. After careful review, Bob decided it would be best to sell them his home. The best news came when the company then offered Bob various ways to sell it, so that he could choose the option that fit both his financial needs and timing, and gave him the most money possible for the property.

Bob determined that he had a few months’ time before he needed to sell the home, which gave his investors time to wait for the right pricing and market conditions. In the end, Bob got a fair amount of cash for the home, and just before the home was going to start costing him out-of-pocket to maintain.

If you’re looking to sell your home fast and for cash, then be sure to look for a ‘we buy homes’ company that is both a local real estate brokerage firm AND investment company, to ensure that your results turn out like Bob’s!

If they don’t fit these two criteria, then they probably won’t give you a fair price for your home or help you to determine your other options, as well.

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 Homes for Cash Success Story Ryan Wessels (54 Posts)

About the author - Ryan Wessels is a St Louis real estate professional who owns and operates a we buy houses company named STL Real Estate Properties. We have a unique sales approach that allows you to sell your house fast in St Louis. We first seek to understand your needs, and then we educate you with all of your sale options. This information will then empower you to make the best choice possible when you sell your house! Visit and ask about our guarenteed 48 hour offer program to sell your St Louis home fast.

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