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Aging Populations

What Local Demographics have to do With Selling Homes for Cash

Aging Populations and St Louis Suburbs


STLHousesellers5 Aging PopulationsLast year, Forbes magazine had an article detailing what urban areas are most affected by a rapidly aging population.

Among those areas hardest hit by a skewed population mix–also known as a “graying population”–are the neighborhoods of suburban St Louis County.

As homeowners age, a multitude of reasons surface making selling a home for cash an attractive option.

  • The homeowner may wish to relocate to a retirement community. If time is a more important factor than waiting for housing prices to recover, then this type of sale might be better handled as a “homes for cash” transaction.
  • Caretakers of elderly parents may need to raise cash for assisted living facilities or nursing homes.
  • Inheritors of property who live far away from the home they’ve recently inherited or who cannot make necessary property improvements may seek out a qualified homes-for-cash company to quickly eliminate the burden of inheritance.

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 Aging Populations Ryan Wessels (54 Posts)

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